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Non- Discrimination Policy 

​ Groups that I Welcome

For safety and liability reasons, I cannot accept the following groups: 

  • Anyone who is under 18 

  • Anyone who cannot safely consent and participate in a cuddle session due to a physical or mental health condition. 

  • I will always try to accommodate every disability/particular need to the best of my ability. Still, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to cater to every situation, especially if I think there could be a safety risk to the client. 

  • If you are currently a danger to yourself or others

  • If you are currently sick with a contagious illness (please wait until you get better, and I will do the same for you)

  • Anyone who is not able or willing to follow my Code Of Conduct.

  • Adults who are 18 or older, there is no upper age limit. 

  • The LGBTQ+ community

  • All ethnicities/ ancestries /skin colors

  • All body types 

  • All religions/ creeds welcome

  • All genders welcome ( male, female, nonbinary, trans, etc.) 

  • Disabled Individuals (but please inform me so I can accommodate)

  • Neurodivergent folks (please let me know how to best accommodate you)

  • Most mental health conditions as long as you are stable and understand that I cannot treat or diagnose you. (please inform me if you think it's important for me to know) 

  •  I love to cuddle your furry friends, unfortunately, my office building does not allow them. If I come to you, I am happy for your pet to join the session. (If you have a service animal and want to come to my office, please let me know ahead of time)

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