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  • Where are sessions held?
    I can host in my office in Huntingdon Valley PA, or my office in South Brunswick NJ, or meet you in your home or a hotel.
  • How far do you travel?
    I will drive up to two hours each way and the session length must be equal to or greater than the total travel time round trip. For example, if you live 90 minutes away I would need the session to be three hours or longer. If you didn't have time to do all three hours that would be fine but you would still be billed for three hours. You can calculate my drive time from my starting point in Bensalem PA * Please note that I only travel to places that I can drive to and I do not fly to other parts of the country, do overnights or multi-day sessions.
  • How long are your sessions?
    A one-hour minimum is required for all sessions with an eight-hour maximum. I do not do overnight sessions or multi-day sessions. I generally recommend 2-3 hours for the first session. In the South Brunswick location it is 2 hours minimum because it is a much longer drive for me.
  • What are your hours of operation?
    Cuddle sessions are available between 12:00pm - 9:00pm, seven days a week.
  • Do you put clean sheets on the bed?
    Yes, for every session I always change the sheets and blanket on the bed, even if I have multiple clients within the same day. So you can rest assured when come to one of my office locations that the bedding was laundered just for you.
  • What should I wear?
    I suggest you wear something comfortable enough to sleep in that is also decent enough to go outside in. A t-shirt and shorts or sweatpants are a great option. The minimum clothing is a tank top and shorts. Boxers/ undergarments are not a substitute for shorts.
  • What will you wear?
    I will follow the same guidelines for clothing as you. I generally wear leggings and t-shirts. I do not take clothing requests except for the following scenarios: 1. Religious requirements 2. Avoiding certain types of fabrics such as allergies or sensory issues 3. You want me to wear more fabric (eg. long sleeves rather than short sleeves) *I will not honor any requests that involve wearing less fabric or anything sexual or skimpy in nature.
  • I am ________ are you ________ friendly?
    Most likely, yes. Please review my Non-Discrimination Policy.
  • Are you 420 friendly?/ Can I drink?
    Mind-altering substances during cuddle sessions are not allowed. I need you to be sober and fully able to consent. I understand that people use alcohol and other substances as a social lubricant in unfamiliar situations. When we meet for the first time we will take our time to chat and get comfortable with one another, you will never be forced to cuddle; you let me know when you're ready to begin.
  • What is a cuddle session like?
    At the beginning of the first session, we will share space and get comfortable before we start to cuddle. When you feel ready we can begin. You are encouraged to take the lead in the session, but if you aren't sure what you want, I can make suggestions or you can look through one of my books of cuddle positions. While we cuddle we can talk, doze off, listen to music, watch a movie or tv show. Cuddle Sessions are a platonic (non-sexual) experience. This is great if you are looking for a warm, nurturing and accepting environment, but not so great if you are looking to get your sexual needs met. Please review the code of conduct to ensure that this is right for you.
  • Is this confidential?
    Generally, yes. I will not share with anyone that you are my client or any details that could possibly identify you. There are a few exceptions: 1. If we are meeting outside of my office (eg. your home or a hotel), I do disclose your name, the address of where we meet and your basic contact information to my trusted safety person. They will only ever share your information, if I go missing and the police need to be called. This has thankfully never happened before. 2. If we met on a cuddling platform such as Cuddle Comfort or Cuddlist, and you violate the code of conduct or behave in an unsafe manner I will report you to the moderators for the safety of the community.
  • What makes you a cuddle professional?
    I have training and experience to uphold certain boundaries so we can enjoy cuddling in a warm, fuzzy, friendly type of way without it ever getting weird or sexual. I make communication around cuddling and platonic intimacy simple so there is never any hard feelings or mixed signals. Because this is my profession, you won't have to worry that I will suddenly stop cuddling if my relationship status changes. This is my full time profession, so you will always be my first priority and I can consistently be available to you.
  • What happens if I get aroused during the session?
    If your body gets aroused will not act on it and we will ignore it. If you have an erection, we will make sure to be in a position where I am not coming into contact with it and if necessary we can take a break.
  • What if I don't want to cuddle?
    You are never forced to cuddle or do anything you don't want to do in a session. We will always got at your pace and we can begin to cuddle when you say you are ready. If you just want to share space and talk and never end up cuddling that's ok too.
  • What if I want to extend the session or leave early?
    I may be able to extend the session if I have the time. If you think you might want a longer session, but aren't sure it's best to let me know ahead of time so I can block that time off for you. You can end the session at any time for any reason but you will not receive a refund for the remaining time if you choose to end the session early.
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